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Diakrotima today!
An investment in education - Schools with a present and a future!

The market is more competitive now than ever before. Students want a school with a clear identity and specialization that combines comprehensive coverage of all modern educational needs. This is the essence of the Diakrotima schools ®.

The name of Diakrotima schools ® is recognized in the areas of Piraeus, where it started about 13 years ago but gradually expands to all the areas where Diakrotima centres operate as a synonym of supportive quality teaching in secondary education.

THE MODEL OF OUR SCHOOLS. Quality is more important than quantity. Our primary goal is to be a tutorial school that combines quality and reliability in every field of its action and educational services as well as the management style of our tutorial system.

THE POWER OF TEAMWORK. All directors of Diakrotima schools ® are collaborators and colleagues of the same company who respect each other and work together as a team for the common good: the success of their students and Diakrotima schools!

THE EDUCATIONAL METHOD OF DIAKROTIMA ®. Our teaching methods, our continuous educational support that we provide our students with, our constant efforts for their success and the diversity of technological refresher courses not only meet the demands of today's market, but they are also coordinated with the most modern teaching methods and training services worldwide. It is no coincidence that tutorial education is not just a Greek phenomenon but a global event ... There are private tutorial schools that support students in Japan, Australia, Ireland, in neighbouring Italy and many other European countries.

Diakrotima ® The best tutorial schools in the city!